Automatic Chopper Eyebrow Pencil

Apr 22, 2018

Classic Chopper Eyebrow Pencil Automatic Portable Version

The preset simulates the chopper-shaped pen tip, comes with a pencil sharpener, and simply and quickly cuts out the chopper shape. Eyebrow pencil eyebrow brush double design, can replace the refill.

Smooth color, unique chopper shape, 1mm thin blade, no agglomeration, super fast makeup. Five color numbers correspond to the chopper eyebrow pencil.

You can go to the nearest Shu Uemura counter and experience the professional eyebrow shaping service for free.

How to sharpen eyebrow pencil

1. Pull out the cap to reveal the tip.

2. Rotate the bottom cover and remove the sharpener.

3. Hold the groove on the bottom of the pencil sharpener and turn the eyebrow pencil until the 7 mm tip is exposed. Gently slide the eyebrow pencil along the groove. The eyebrow pencil is 30 degrees from the groove.

4. Turn the pencil sharpener back into place.


1. Expose the pen tip and slide the pen tip along the groove, cutting it into a machetes.

2. After pulling out the eyebrow from the Mei Feng peak, follow the direction of the eyebrow growth and draw forward from Mei Feng.

3. Correct eyebrow with eyebrow dyeing.