Automatic Eye Liner Pencil Bright And Moving

Automatic Eye Liner Pencil This year Innisfree joined hands with New York design brand Jill Byjill Stuart introduced limited edition eye makeup products, the eyes around the stimulation to low, painted on the eyes bright and moving. There is waterproof effect, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil even if summer use will not be due to sweat and halo dye, keep clean eye makeup all day long. Also contains the element e ingredient, to the eye to replenish the water.

Only 1th black without pearlescent, the other 3 colors with pearlescent black Brown, 3rd light pink suitable for light or when lying silkworm painted eyes.

"Use Method"

1. Can directly draw a eyeliner after the eye shadow

2. After the eye makeup can be painted in the first 3 color of one of the eyes, to create a pure eye makeup

3. When the eyeliner pen is not dry, use the hand to spread the eyeliner, can be used as eye shadow pen

Apply to different types of lipstick automatic assembly.

This machine uses the European high steel structure.

Intelligent part: Automatic Eye Liner Pencil The use of Advanced High-performance plc with touch screen control, more simple operation, the use of frequency conversion speed, energy-saving.

Mechanical connecting part: Using the high efficiency electronic cam with the precision mechanical cam to use the unified active force, no chain drive. Can effectively improve the stability and durability of work.

Automatic feeding part: The use of vibration feeding method, a strong increase in feeding efficiency.

The Eyeliner pen (Eyelinerpencil) is divided into pencil type and automatic pencil type. Automatic Eyeliner pen As the name implies, that is, without rolling, can automatically or semi-automatic out of the core eyeliner.

Eyeliner Pen, is a kind of make-up products, used to deepen and highlight the effect of eye makeup, so that the eyes look big and God. The shape resembles a pencil. The use of a special pencil sharpener or knife to remove the excess wood parts, but also to improve the thickness of the paper.