Automatic Eye Liner Pencil Clear And Smooth

Jun 07, 2017

1, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil first with eyeliner stick to the root of the eyelash to depict eyeliner, do not sharpen the tip to stimulate the eyelid, as far as possible slowly move the eyeliner, so that the width of the line, gently in the same direction to repeat the description will be very natural.

2, dip in the color of the eye shadow to cover the just painted eyeliner, and then up the "Z" gradually brush light.

3, eyeliner strokes out of the line is not clear and smooth, can be used eyeliner paint once again. After the brush dipped in eyeliner, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil do not immediately draw in the eye, first in the back of the hand to adjust the color evenly.

4, with eyeliner once again depicting eyeliner, let the eyeliner more fluent perfect.

5, open the eyelids carefully fill the gap between the eyelashes, so that the eyes of the absolute depth of the big first

6, after the eyeliner, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil can be used to adjust the cotton bar imperfect lines, the last Halo dye more natural

The head of the automatic eyeliner pen is thick, there are 2 solutions:

One, you can use the knife to gently remove the nod, just want to buy the sharp degree, not too sharp, the core is very soft, very easy to break.

Second, you can draw on paper, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil like a pencil, appropriate to the tip of the pen. But be gentle.

The method is as follows:

1, holding eyeliner pen

And the way to hold the pencil is the same, the more you grip the better the control of the line, before the first grinding round.

2, gently pull the eyelid

The mirror is placed 20 centimeters away from the body, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil eyes look down, with the ring finger to gently pull the eyelids upward.

3. From the end of the eye

The eyelash root, from the eye end to the corner of the eyes, each paragraph is kept at about 2 millimeters.

4, repeatedly painted

First with the forefinger of the eye to the nasal direction, and then from the corner to the eye to the end, so that the eyeliner looks slim.

5, Draw the eyeliner

First with the ring finger to gently pull down the eyelids, and then close to the eyelashes from the eye to the corners of the eyes to depict the eyeliner.

6, strengthen the corners of the eye

With eyeliner pen along the eyelash root to the corners of the eye, to create the eyes of the eyeliner gradually retreat effect.

7. Using Cotton Rods

Press the Cotton bar head to flatten with the hand, from Canthus to eye end will push the eyeliner evenly, make the line natural clear.

8, Halo eyes line

In contrast to the direction of painting eyeliner, from the corner of the eye to the eyes of the halo line, avoid excessive force.