Automatic Eye Liner Pencil Clear And Smooth

Jul 04, 2017

1, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil first with eyeliner close to the roots of eyelashes painted eyeliner, writing do not wear too sharp will not stimulate the eyelids, try to move the eyeliner slowly, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil so that the width of the line consistent, gently repeated in the same direction will be described natural.

2, dipped in brown eye shadow covered in the just painted eyeliner, and then up was "z" gradually brush light.

3, eyeliner strokes out of the lines are not clear and smooth, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil can be painted once again with eyeliner paste. Brush dipped in eyeliner paste, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil do not rush immediately painted in the eyes, first in the back of the hand will be evenly tone color.

4, with eyeliner paste once again depict eyeliner,Automatic Eye Liner Pencil so that more perfect eyeliner perfect.

5, distraction on the eyelids carefully fill the gap between the eyelashes, this way, the eyes are absolutely deep large one

6, painted eyeliner, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil the cotton bar can be used to adjust the imperfect lines, the last blooming more natural.

Eyeliner (EyeLinerPencil) is divided into pencil type and automatic pencil type two. Automatic eyeliner as the name suggests, that is, without rolling, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil can automatically or semi-automatic core of the eyeliner.

Eyeliner, is a kind of make-up products, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil used to deepen and highlight the eye makeup effect, so that the eyes look big and God. Similar shape pencil. Automatic Eye Liner Pencil You can use a special pencil sharpener or knife to remove excess wood parts, but also to improve the thickness of the pen.

Intelligent part: the use of advanced high-performance PLC with touch screen control, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil the operation is more simple, using frequency control, energy saving.

Mechanical linkage part: the use of high-performance electronic cam with precision mechanical cam with a unified main force, no chain drive. Can effectively improve the work stability and durability.

Automatic feeding part: the use of vibration feed, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil a strong increase in feed efficiency.

Eyeliner water resistance is very good, ultra-fine pen, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil you can fill the roots of any eyelash gap, you can easily outline the outline you want. Automatic Eye Liner Pencil Eyeliner liquid dry speed is also very fast, do not worry about halo makeup. Endurance is also very good, no need to worry about makeup will be spent, the novice can try Oh

Eyeliner cream award, paste color is very full, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil silky paste in the makeup is also very easy, and lasting strength is also very good, quick-drying durable formula, with the eyeliner brush with the use of small fairies say the effect is Thumbs up.

It is a lot of eye shadow color, this monochrome eye shadow silty is very delicate, with a flash, it is easy to smear, and the skin is also a high degree of fit, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil makeup lasting, and transparent packaging looked Very happy, very easy to carry.

Eye shadow color saturation is very good, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil color strength is also very good, easy to fly powder. Soft and delicate texture, Automatic Eye Liner Pencil color is also very high, the United States do not want to ~

Eyeshadow is very popular in Japan. Automatic Eye Liner Pencil Whether it is matte or pearls are very easy to use, not powder, and silty is very delicate, it is easy to color.