Many MM makeup does not know whether to choose eyebrow powder or brow pencil.

Brow powder

Each has its advantages, you should select a product.

Eyebrow pencil to thrush. Such an explanation is almost repeating a common sense. Appearance about pencil eyebrow pencil, eyebrow comb attached at the other end. Choose eyebrow pencils, refills the material slightly with a few cosmetic knowledge, good place to buy, generally on the hard core is easy to control the color depth.

Eyebrow pencil can choose soft and hard, and weight can help to fill the space between the eyebrows, for sparse eyebrows for human use. Eyebrow powders can be mixed color, increase overall natural effect, easy for beginners.

Buy eyebrow pencil, when to choose similar colors and Asian girls Brown more suitable for general use. If dyed hair based on hair color choice. Selection is lighter than the hair first, eyebrow pencil (powder). Asian women are more suitable for Brown, try not to use exclusively black, will make the eyebrows look too serious.

When the choice of eyebrow pencil and brow powder, note the following two points:

1, a soft texture on skin injury

2, easy to paint

Eyebrow pencil-black and brown colors, pens are plastic and wood both in combination with metal or plastic pen Cap.

Eyebrow pencil and pencil shape, although very close, but the raw materials vary. Pencil graphite, the material is, main raw material, a kind of eyebrow pencil (castor oil, lanolin, etc), waxes (whale waxes, wax, wax, etc) and pigments, flavors, and so on. These raw materials are mixed, heated, ornaments, cool, become a group that rolled into refills, more of the processing and final packaging.

When choosing a brow pencil, pen length must comply with the requirements of decorative beauty, should be close to the pen refills, there shall be no loosening. Pencil hardness is moderate.