Classification Of Eyeliner

LaTeX liner is highly expressive, coloring is not easy to drop off, painted lines are more fluid. But because the thickness of the tip is restricted, draw the line weight is not easy to change, so the use of this type of eyeliner, ready set about replacing the pen tip, so that the detail, smooth lines and can describe or depict thicker softer lines.

Because of the line color of the eyeliner out to enough, you can use your finger to draw a line slightly dizzy, eye shadow-filled. Do quick, and harmony of nature. Pencil eyeliner is convenient to use, carry, lower prices are typically working women to carry things. But its performance is weak, coloring easy drop off, suitable for use at short time wears makeup. At work and in daily life, it is one of your makeup tools at any time. Because this type of eyeliner colored and elegant, soft, can be depicted repeatedly, so it is very suitable for beginners drawn eyeliner. You will not be a mistake, and destroy the carefully painted face makeup, this eyeliner provides you the opportunity to modify the error. This eyeliner strokes out of line can be coarse to fine, coloring can be concentrated light, like wearing little white girls, it is the ideal choice. If you want colored thick eyeliner, draw more than once.

According to our East Asian skin and eye colors, dark grey and dark brown eyeliner is the best choice. If you are of partial black or yellow, you should choose a dark gray eyeliner to make your eyes stand out; if you are a healthy pink, or white, choose dark brown eyeliner to make your eyes look up and full of charm.