Concealer Pencil Brightening Effect

Jun 21, 2017

First of all, Concealer Pencil I would like to talk about this PAUL & JOE Concealer pen, in fact, this concealer pen has several colors, but their home to concealer with the Concealer pen, I think the effect is good, because the comparison of water, so hiding power more general , Concealer Pencil And then I bought this is 01, he is a bright pen, generally used in the present, brightening effect is really great, and because the water, so it will not make the skin very dry now.

After the end of makeup, with the concealer pen in the eyes below the two paintings, and then halo open, the whole makeup will be lit up, and although the concealer is relatively weak, but the general eyes below some small fine lines, small pores and small freckles Like, or can cover off, Concealer Pencil and the moisture degree is very high.

I can tell you that the Japanese counter machine, Concealer Pencil really can not be trusted, although each time that looks very powerful to do the test, and finally according to the test to buy things, I can say that every time is garbage?

Although I am not very white, Concealer Pencil but according to his skin test, give me with this concealer, I do not know what should be used when the shadow, or why, all kinds of embarrassment, look at my color test, we can see Of the out, it really is my concealer inside the most yellow color, no one ah!

Because the color is wrong, Concealer Pencil I really have no way to love him, but if no matter the color, then I think what is still moist hair ok, if the audience did not listen to the words, then buy the color you want, it is estimated that this May be my favorite it

This is a year when you go to South Korea to buy a double-concealer, one is a common concealer stick, there is a feeling of lipstick-like concealer state, Concealer Pencil so has been thinking that there is a head is not used to paint With the Concealer Pen? We all know that the Korean people's biting lip makeup, and strive to die around white dead white, and then inside the lips is suddenly red up, this concealer pen will be able to complete it.

But South Korea's cosmetics, Concealer Pencil I always feel dry, thick! But this kind of cosmetics, the color is very high, so the concealer is proper, but you must be the whole makeup all become heavy makeup, otherwise the concealment of the place will be particularly strange.

3ce this concealer, is my previous favorite, I think it is very convenient to use, and the concealer is also very good, some freckles, smallpox in India, can be a good cover, Concealer Pencil but the fine lines and the like, I think , Or to be questionable.

This is very long before (2 years ago?) To buy a multi-functional bottom plate, the following is the liquid foundation, the above is concealer and high light, is not because of a long time, so expired? Originally above the Concealer disc and high discs quite hard, but now it feels like a mousse, but I do not use it.

This is the use of students or to the nightclub to use the words, the feeling is also good, the students, because the price is not high, the nightclub, because it is really thick, it is suitable for the night the kind of dark places.