Concealer Pencil Usage

Concealer pen processing, your usage right?

Usually careless maintenance you want to temporarily hide the dark circles, freckles and acne, Concealer Pencil the quickest way is to use the Concealer pen, and gently, all the flaws are missing. Concealer Pencil 8 easy to use Concealer pen processing, to help you solve all the small problems of the skin.

To know that the treatment of Concealer Pen is not difficult, Concealer Pencil but there are still some skills can refer to. The following is a make-up artist commonly used recommendations:

1. The best tool to apply concealer is your finger. Concealer Pencil Because the use of more uniform strength, and there is temperature, make the concealer more close to the skin. If you really do not like the hand, you can choose a thin and pointed make-up brush, it is best man-made fiber rather than natural brown hair.

2. To deal with dark circles the best choice for partial orange tones of concealer. Concealer Pencil Will concealer point in the dark circles position, with the ring finger gently to the concealer to push around to the surrounding. And then sponge will be daily liquid foundation even smear the whole face, Concealer Pencil to the eye position when not wiped, and gently press the way to smooth. Cover the dark circles, do not forget the inner corner and outside the corner, because these two parts of the dark circles is the most serious place, Concealer Pencil but also the most easily overlooked place.

3. Products that are greenish are the most effective for acne. Red swollen acne is the most difficult to cover, and then professional makeup artist in this session will be particularly careful. Concealer Pencil The product of the greenish tones is proven to be the most effective for covering the acne.

4. There is no concealer pen processing products, it can be used than the foundation of the foundation of the shallow 2 instead. In fact, this is also the law of picking the pen when the product is processed. Concealer Pencil Than the foundation of the shallow No. 2 of the Concealer pen processing products is the most suitable for you.

5. Do not apply the concealer to the eyelids, Concealer Pencil so that the eye shadow becomes oil is very clean. If the eye of the skin itself is very dry,Concealer Pencil in the painted concealer should be coated with more moisturizing eye cream before, to prevent the emergence of too many dry lines.

6. Apply the Concealer Pen to the product before using the foundation. This order can not be reversed.

7. Do not use white concealer. That will only make your flaws more conspicuous.

8. Concealer do not paint too thick. In addition to the results of this is very natural, but also make the skin look dry.

9. Try to use cream-like concealer around the eyes. Concealer Pencil As the eye skin is very delicate, it is best not to use the texture of the pen more sharp pen-shaped processing products, or easy to produce eye fine lines.

10. Want to clear the makeup, the concealer in the hands of mixed liquid foundation and then use. And then brush on the loose powder, so that the makeup of the natural and transparent, Concealer Pencil if the powder on the loose powder will appear to have a thick makeup effect.