Eye Liner Pencil Effect

Eyeliner, Eye Liner Pencil used to deepen and highlight the eye makeup effect, so that the eyes look big and God. Eyeliner generally made of high quality raw material formula refined, Eye Liner Pencil smooth touch, fine texture, with excellent coloring ability, color lasting, easy Tuozhen soft and meticulous, dancing pen tip elegantly depict, or vigorous or weaving young, or exaggerated or meticulous, different combinations and different techniques, for you to outline a long as new, delicate and perfect eyeliner effect, Eye Liner Pencil so that the eye shine , More charming.

Eyeliner color choice: the general selection of black and brown. Suitable for daily makeup. Can also be used with eye shadow color, suitable for the PARTY makeup. White eyeliner with brightening effect.

Eyeliner use skills: the first step to lift the eyelids, from the beginning of the eye began to draw, pay attention to slightly thinner on both sides of the eyeliner

The second step before the eyes to the middle of the description, and the end of the eye is connected

The third step is again painted, Eye Liner Pencil so that eyelids naturally thicker

The fourth step is to fill the gap in the roots of the eyelashes completely

The fifth step in the upper eyelid brushing light eye shadow, you can draw the whole eyes

Eyeliner is almost the same, Eye Liner Pencil if the texture will be easier to soft on the eyelids, but if your eyes are relatively easy to oil, soft texture will be more likely to halo the texture of the hard may not be easy to the eyelids On, but may not be easy to halo, Eye Liner Pencil but if the eye oil is actually the same powerful.

Anti-halo words in the eyeliner on the same color of the eye shadow to do makeup can ease, but may not be avoided.

In any case, buy waterproof is at least. Also buy time to even the eye makeup remover together to buy back.

If your budget is not very wide, Eye Liner Pencil it is recommended not to buy too expensive, such as L'Oreal, ZA skin blue and other brands of these brands can still, but if the price does not matter, that buy is not impossible, maybe you soon Get started, Eye Liner Pencil a pen can be used to buy for a long time to start to buy the main is worried about the painting is not used or how to then give up, buy a waste of money.