Eye Liner Pencil Instructions

Eyeliner use, Eye Liner Pencil no make-up we always feel that the eyes are not big enough, not bright enough, eye shape is not perfect, for most of the Oriental women, in fact, Eye Liner Pencil the use of eyeliner cleverly adjust the eye shape, so bright eyes are sure to learn makeup skills The Because in my opinion, a thin eyeliner enough to change you have been troubled, Eye Liner Pencil so that you are full of confidence.

Often eyeliner products are eyeliner, eyeliner and eyeliner (or water-soluble eyeliner powder). Eyeliner can draw a thicker lines: Eyeliner to draw the eyeliner feel softer, and can be used to create a different effect of halo effect. Also, you can use the flat eyeliner brush dipped in dark eye shadow or eye shadow cream, Eye Liner Pencil the makeup effect is very natural. With eyeliner brush dipped in water and eye shadow powder blending together to draw eyeliner, feeling no eyeliner painted so thick, but also have a good effect. Eye Liner Pencil In general, eyeliner effect is clear and lasting, easy to handle eyeliner, but easy to fall off, you can use several products knot, the effect will be more outstanding.

Eyeliner use, eyeliner is a natural makeup essential cosmetics, with the angle brush halo color, can make the eyes naturally have God, you can also use dark eye shadow powder instead. Eye Liner Pencil In fact, the biggest advantage of using eyeliner is that the space is very large changes, you can overlap through the color or write intensity to control the shades. Although the upper and lower eyeliner can be painted, Eye Liner Pencil but the overall performance is still natural. Before writing, first with a pen in the back of the hand to draw a few, until the color is even after the painting in the eyelashes.

Do not emphasize the eye and width of the natural eyeliner, Eye Liner Pencil make the contours of the eye more obvious, the feeling will be more "eyes" "painting this natural eyeliner approach is not difficult, Eye Liner Pencil just prepare a coffee, black or gray Of the eyeliner, Eye Liner Pencil to "point" approach, Eye Liner Pencil by the end of the eye along the eyelashes roots to the eye point, and then the "point" into a "line" is a better eye to the eyeliner. You can not change the eye but the eye to make appropriate adjustments and stressed. In the color, if not to emphasize the effect of eyeliner, Eye Liner Pencil may wish to use gray-black eyeliner, make your eyes look more flexible, Eye Liner Pencil eye shadow can also be used in a similar way to draw eyeliner. On the eyeliner from the eye to the end of the eye to describe the direction of the eye at the end of a little upward pull up. Eye Liner Pencil Under the eyeliner from the eye to the eye head sweep.