Eye Liner Pencil Makeup Effect

Eyeliner, used to deepen and highlight the makeup effect of the eye, so that the eyes look big and God. Eyeliner Pen general use of high-quality raw material formula refined, smooth touch, fine texture, with excellent coloring ability, lasting color, not easy to take off makeup, Eye Liner Pencil gentle strokes of the brush tip, or the elegant description of the dance, or exaggeration or meticulous, different combinations and different methods, for you to outline a long-lasting such as new, exquisite and perfect eyeliner effect, make the eye big shine, more charming.

Liner Pen color selection: Black and brown are generally selected. Suitable for daily makeup. The white eyeliner has a bright effect. Usually used in the lower eyelid.

Eyeliner tips: The first step to lift the eyelid, from the eye to begin to depict, note the eyeliner on both sides slightly thinner

The second part of the anterior corner of the eye to the middle picture, and the eyes of the tail.

The third step depicts again, making the eyeliner naturally thickened

Step fourth fills the gap in the root of the eyelash completely

The fifth step in the upper eyelid brushing light eye shadow, you can draw the entire orbital

Small lines have a big effect, good eyeliner can definitely not only make people beautiful 10 degrees so simple, whether you want to have the big eyes of God or the power of the eye, Eye Liner Pencil a slight change in eyeliner can be done.

and the different color of the eyeliner can also give people the same feeling, let you unique personality charm. However, the color bright eye eyeliner daily use is still some abrupt, Eye Liner Pencil in fact, the use of different black tones of eyeliner can also achieve the same effect, recently there are a 5 different black tones of eyeliner by the network Reds push.

This "five-degree black" trend Whirlwind is from Tokyo, proficient in cosmetic surgery of cherry girls, has always been the trend vane of Asian makeup, Eye Liner Pencil they recently like to use the different shades of black eyeliner to create their own personal makeup. Follow the trend of the celestial It Girl of course will not miss the trend signal, have tried this "five-degree black" eyeliner.

Black Eyeliner pen, certainly is the beauty of the sisters must be a necessary and useless basic eyeliner pen. Enlarge the eyes, let the eye more God, daily makeup, have it enough.