Eye Liner Pencil Very High Price

Kiss Me Eyeliner is the liner of the fighter Ah, cost-effective is also quite high, this eyeliner pen waterproof and three-dimensional, lower brush design, beginners can also draw a bright eyeliner ~ speed dry dark tones, so that the eye contour immediately clear and clear. Also gentle does not injure the skin, Eye Liner Pencil waterproof and sweat-proof, lasting does not faint dye. Because this eyeliner is very durable, so makeup remover is very difficult, must be balanced with the use of oil remover products OH.

Plant Village Show this eyeliner pen can be reused Oh, use the replacement of the core can be a pen head brush brush as meticulous soft head, you can control the outline of the desired line thickness. Using a quick-drying technology, will not faint, Eye Liner Pencil dark rich color is very high, smooth and easy to draw ductility is good ~

The fairies should be very familiar with the CPB of the brand, your woman brand naturally has its expensive reasons, this eyeliner paste is very comfortable and silky, will not bring harm to the eye week. and easy to makeup, outlining exquisite eyeliner, waterproof type, not easily affected by sweating out of oil and makeup. Vivid color, not easy to decolorization. and cream-like eyeliner, better control than liquid.

Kate is also a very high cost-effective products in Japan Oh, this eyeliner is very thin. The eyeliner is very meticulous, very suitable for makeup small white ~ water is very smooth, durability and fluency is also very good, very suitable for daily makeup.

This is the popular global cloud liner cream ~ Big Eye makeup is the necessary tool is this eyeliner! The eyeliner that is drawn can look great in the eye! More than eight hours of makeup, waterproof effect, high color concentration of waterproof formula, Eye Liner Pencil the creation of long-lasting soft eyeliner, aloe vera and avocado ingredients, eye care has a very significant effect. Reduce the damage to the skin of the eye.

This is the A from Germany's offer eyeliner pen, quite small, Eye Liner Pencil the price of super cabbage, but word-of-mouth and cost-effective are very good, is the Mac parity replacement. The color is very good, the pen core super soft very good coloring, do not need very hard to be able to produce saturated lines, but also very long-lasting, waterproof oil.

The appearance of Anna has been a dark system of fantasy ~ This eyeliner liquid is different from the general, there are added delicate pearlescent, Eye Liner Pencil but the coating will not be very obvious, but also a lot of color, red and yellow blue and green have ... Smooth texture with easy makeup soft brush head design, Eye Liner Pencil waterproof oil effect is very good, fast dry function, color also very lasting bright ~

Maybelline This eyeliner small box, Eye Liner Pencil super Durable Oh, with a eyeliner brush, duck mouth type brush head most suitable for eyeliner, this long eyeliner brush Super good! Black eyeliner color is very dark, the chroma is very good, and the price is not very expensive, student party can use it to try at OH.

Mei's concubine's This eyeliner pen, the color number really is extremely many! A total of 20 colors, really how to choose how to pick! The pen core is softer, the pearl is more smooth with the use up to the eyelids more comfortable, the effect is also more natural, waterproof and sweat-proof effect super good, Eye Liner Pencil draw swimming also no problem ~

Chanel's eyeliner is very good word-of-mouth, because its long-lasting waterproof effect is very good ~ warm water can not be makeup remover, must be removed with eye makeup remover! It is good to shape the bright and deep eye type. Deepen the eyelids along the eyelashes and accentuate the color of the eyeliner on the outside of the eye. The lower eyelid depicts fine lines, which make the eyes bigger and brighter.