Eyebrow Pencil Composition And Color Classification

Aug 15, 2016

Eyebrow pencil the main ingredient is paraffin, beeswax, Ceresin wax, petrolatum, and Brazil carnauba wax, lanolin, cocoa butter, carbon black pigment and so on. Above made from wax and betting in the plodder as refills, and sealed in the middle of two semi-circular wood, a pencil-shaped for use.

Color editing

Regardless of whether your eyebrows bushy, if you don't have eyebrows habit, a well sharpened brow pencil is very practical. Of course, the tail would eyebrow pencil with a brow brush to use more flexible. Use a brow powder were more complex, to use the brush a thin, hard, brush surface slant eyebrow brushes, dipped in flour and makes a sweeping brush. Brow powder can get a more natural effect, especially the thin eyebrows become more dense, but the eyebrow pencil, actions gestures more skills.

Avoid using hair color dark eyebrow pencil, so as to make the human trim marks less obvious. Therefore, even if your hair is dark brown, also want to avoid using a black eyebrow pencil. If you have red or Auburn hair, do not use brown-red. If you are a blonde or chestnut brown hair, please use and cold tones of eyebrow pencil such as beige, gray, or green (blondes). Dark-haired, dark-eyed, for selection of dark brown or light grey eyebrow pencil black, black. Be sure to pay special attention to these subtle differences in color.