Eyeliner Tips

1, holding pencil

Method is the same as with the pencil, holding the front the better control lines, before the round pen.

2, gently pull the eyelid

Place the mirror at a distance of 20 cm of the body, eyes looking down, with the ring finger to gently pull the eyelid.

3, eye paint

Close to the roots of eyelashes, painted subparagraph from eye to eye, each kept at about 2 mm.

4, repeatedly drawing

Corner of the eye to the nose with the index finger pull, and paint from the corners to eye end, make the eyeliner look slender.

5, draw eye liner

With the ring finger gently pull your lower eyelid, then close to the eyelashes eyeliner under the eye to eye paint.

6, strengthening the corners

Using eyeliner painted along the eyelashes to the eyes, made the corners of line gradually fade effect.

7, the use of cotton

Hand compressed cotton stick, pushed from eye to eye to eye liner, line nature clear.

8, faint eye lines

With the eyeliner in the opposite direction, from eye to eye Halo eye line, do not force too much.