Eyeliner Tips

Aug 15, 2016

1. to light, light pen, you can avoid drawing too heavy, too heavy or too thick eyeliner.

2. to adopt the "progressive" overlapping color paintings, and slowly traced lines.

3. gently put a layer of Foundation or powder, eyeliner makeup lasting and difficult to smudge, and inhibited the eye out of the oil situation.

4. avoid paint eyeliner, this old painting, the whole eye outline, but is too prominent, very unnatural.

5. don't let there is a gap between the eyelid and eyeliner will make eyes really strange.

6. to draw closer to the roots of the eyelashes, to strengthen the sense of thick eyelashes.

7. taking the eyeliner or eye shadow powder painting near the part of the eye, pushed gently with your finger, you can create effects as the nose shadow, makes the nose more icing.

8. eye color is also very important, foolproof color is dark brown, gray and black, the 3 colors fits Asians; bright colors such as orange, red and gold, should be with the eye make-up to match, otherwise picture is not good, not be too coordinated with the color of the pupil.