How Do You Do Winged Eyeliner?

So, here’s how I learned how to do it properly.

First, find a way to balance your hand. Some people do this by resting their elbow on a table, then swiftly moving their hand left and right along the eyelid. Personally, I find this troublesome, so I balance my hand directly on my face. Imagine writing on a piece of paper and holding on to your paper using the hand your writing with, do that on your face to gain balance and draw straight lines, swiftly moving your hand back and forth. Pause if you must, take your time.

Sometimes, my wing would be too low, so the best solution I found for this was imagining the end of my lower lid continuing further straight or up, you choose whether your wing is straight or upwards.

Try your best to imagine your lower lid continuing further, upwards specially if your eye is droopy. Below I've editted a photo so you can see the power of the wing’s direction in lifting up the eye vs extending it outwards.

When I found my perfect end point, I drew a dot, then filled in from top lid to the end dot.

Finally, if you make any mistakes, use a q-tip and lotion or makeup remover to fix them!