How Do You Get Thicker Eyebrows?

Redefining Eyebrows With Makeup


Decide what your eyebrows should look like. Before you apply any makeup, you'll want to determine what will look the most natural on your eyebrows and the shape you want to achieve. To find the right length for your eyebrows use a pencil or something straight and make a line reaching from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to your eyebrow -- this is ideally the length you will want your eyebrows.


Brush your eyebrows. Using a spooly brush, brush your eyebrows upwards, following the angle of your brows, starting with the thickest part of your brow and brushing to the end of your eyebrow. This will allow you to see where your brows are uneven or sparse.


Use an eyebrow pencil. If you are looking to create the appearance of thick eyebrows, pick an eyebrow pencil similar to the shade of your eyebrows or a little darker, and lightly fill in your eyebrows in the areas that your hair is more sparse. Use short, dash-like strokes to mimic your eyebrow hairs. [3]

Make sure you do this so that it looks natural. You want the pencil to fade in with the rest of your eyebrows. Don't just draw on eyebrows -- blend them in.


Apply a powder. After you have filled in your eyebrows with pencil, pick your desired powder color (if you are looking for darker eyebrows use a darker shade and if you are trying to lighten up your eyebrows choose a lighter shade). Using an angled brush, dab the tip into the powder and then apply by wiggling it into your brow. Do this until you have the definition you want. [4]


Hold your eyebrows in place. You may have achieved the look you want, but in order to keep it throughout the day you might want to apply a clear or colored gel. Run the gel along the shape of your eyebrows to hold the hairs in place.


Trace your eyebrows with powder. The final step to achieving thicker, darker eyebrows is by highlighting them on your face. Taking a fluffy brush, dip it in translucent powder and then brush around the perimeters of the brows, tracing their shape. This will define the edges even more and make your eyebrows look sharp.