How Do You Get Thicker Eyebrows?

Here are a few ways that come to mind in order to help you:

  • use makeup - eyebrow colored pencils similar to your eyebrow color and shade in between the hairs, then use a toothbrush to ‘blend’ and you should be able to camouflage the thickness or thin-ness somewhat. Of course, less is more so don’t over do too zealously - you are not in the circus. This a a quick fix.

  • to grow thicker eyebrows, there are people who ‘swear’ by using castor oil[1] . I have not personally used castor oil for eye-brow growth, but I have used it for hair on my head growth and it does work in terms of making you hair somewhat thicker in volume. Just be careful when applying so that it does not get into your eyes. The best part is the fact that it is all natural - no chemical additives.

  • another oil that people have used is a combination of peppermint and rosemary essential oils.[2] As with the castor oil, be mindful of the application. I would suggest applying before bedtime consistently and at least for a month or two to see any kind of change.