How Do You Make Eyebrows Look Better?

Jul 02, 2018

1. Like you  comb  your  hair  you  need  to  brush  your brow  hair  too with brow  brush if not  you  can  use your  used mascara wand.

2. Get them cleaned  every  3/4 weeks. Do  not  pluck yourself.  Go get them Threaded. I'm   Esthetician and  brow  artist and  I  offer both waxing and  Threading. But personally and  professionally I prefer Threading over all other alternatives.  As  the  result is more  precise and gentler  for  skin. If you  have  rosacea, sensitive skin or use skin thinner/RetinA Threading  is for  you. 

3. Use Brow powder or pencil to fill them in to  give volume. I prefer powder over pencil. Powder is more subtle  than  the  Pencil. But  if you  really  know  how  to  use  them  you  can  combine both. Use natural shades of powder for day make up.

4. If you're  not  a make -up person, Trust me all you  need is a brow brush, brow powder and lil lip color. You need not have to have all those make-up kits. Have a Browtiful Day.