How To Draw Eyeliner

Single-fold eyelids

For girls who have a slightly swollen eyelid, try to choose eye shadows that do not contain glitter, use a slightly darker eye shadow, apply it to the roots of the eyelashes, and smudge it outwards, and then apply the mascara to the eyelashes at the base of the eyelashes. You can draw a clean and eyeful makeup. For small single-eyed girls, the trick is to make the eyes slightly larger. Use a dark eye shadow near the base of the eyelid near the base of the eyelashes. Draw a line with the eyeliner and close to the root of the eyelashes with a black mascara. To do the modification, the end of the eye is slightly thicker. In fact, this is a very suitable smoked makeup for the mini single eyelid girl. For single eyelid girls with long eyelashes but sagging, if the upper eyelid is thick, then the eyelashes will be suppressed by the eyelids. Even if it is a brush mascara, there is no effect. The technique is to use an eyelash curler to clamp from the inside to the outside. , and then brush on the special Alice mascara on it. If a girl with a single eyelid goes to a diba or the like, it needs to use a fluorescent makeup and deepen the eye makeup on the basis of the daily makeup, and then add the fluorescent glitter to the brow, eye, ankle, and T. Neck or shoulders can be anywhere.

Upper eyeliner with double eyes inside

The upper eyeliner of both eyes is less good for painting. The technique is to use double eyelid glue or double eyelid lines to double the eyeliner. Hold the eyeliner like holding a pencil. It will be controlled slightly to the front. It is best to round the tip of the pencil and gently pull the eyelids. The mirror is placed 20 centimeters from the body. The eye is below the eye, and the ring finger is light. Pull the eyelids upwards, and then start painting from the end of the eye. Touch the lashes from the end of the eye to the corners of the eye. Each section needs to be 2mm long, repeat the drawing, and use appropriate force. The purpose of this lining is to beautify and highlight the eyes while correcting or changing the shape of the eyes. When you draw the eyeliner, the pen should be lighter, and the progressive coloring method should be used to superimpose the foundation. You can gently add a layer of foundation or powder. The choice of eyeliner color is also very careful. Dark brown, black and iron gray are quite good.

Kill Matt's eyeliner

The method of killing Matt's eyeliner is mainly brushing eyeliner, and the better the blackening effect, the better. Skills do not need to fight eye shadow, even if you do not need to choose black, kill Matt is not smoked makeup, it is best to choose lavender or pink and the like. Put a chain on the hole, dark blue, deep purple lipstick, or black can be, for the lip and nail color matching, but also to stay long, it can not fake.

Korean nude makeup eyeliner drawing

How Korea's nude makeup eyeliner draws eyelids and lifts it up, then starts drawing with a pencil from the end of the eye. The technique is to paint the anterior corner of the eye and connect it with the eyeline of the eye. Then use the eyeliner on the eyeliner. The pen covers to make the eyeliner thicker and fill the gaps in the roots of the eyelashes. This time it is necessary to lift the eyelids at the corner of the eye and stretch the eyeliner. The last is the lower eyelid. It is enough to fill the lashes of the lower eyelids. The skill is: It is necessary to draw close to the root of the eyelashes, and it is necessary to fill the lash roots and mucous membranes.