How To Use Eyebrow Pencil Thrush

1, first determine the overhang probably location

In the brow position, gently with eyebrow pencil drawing "Netherlands"-shaped mark. Gently paint the overhang near the do you think is OK, not very accurate.

2, from the brow to the tail of the eyebrow, 1.1 painted

Painted exterior siding along the brow to brow end, eyebrow pencil 1.1 points to gently move from the inside out. Compared to a stroke, with an overriding short a little bit easier to draw.

3, side edges on the link line, painted the middle section

Distance from brow 1cm started to just tag every location, connecting the upper edge of the brow line. Her eyebrows as the skin, slightly boost strokes of paint, and eyebrow.

4, towards the direction of the nose, thin paint eyebrows parts

Brow color to thin down toward the nose painted. Light effect more natural eyebrow pencil grip a touch of paint. Brow color itself is a strong man stroke his brow as well.

5, cleverly using the brow brush, SUMI open lateral edge.

The brows with a brow brush edge of the line along the brow, the brow to brow end direction, gently slide, do not force too much, Buddha will cause the edges of the lines disappear completely.

6, would eyebrow pencil and brow colors into one

Finally the whole eyebrow tint. Use the front part of the eyebrow brush, stand is on the hair root to the next trick. The strength should be light, not out of coloring.