How To Use Liquid Eyeliner?

Draw a liquid eyeliner in step 1: draw eyes filled the priorities appropriate liquid eyeliner, pay special attention to brush the wool should be flexible, with a moderate amount of liquid eyeliner. Liquid and the scrub brush dipped eye line, do not draw directly on eyes, instead of holding back adjusting the dosage. Good idea is to use a small amount of liquid eyeliner painted over and over again, doing so can also reduce losses by mistake.

Draw liquid liners step 2: the first starting point is halfway up the parts of the upper eyelid, eye horns with a scrubbing brush from halfway up the gently drew my eyes line, so to the eye than head from eye horns much easier. Then, from head start to draw the eye liner eye makeup, the left will slightly lift the upper eyelid, carefully painting the eye liner.

Draw a liquid eyeliner in step 3: Central from the eye to the eye, from the eye to the central line are painted and then need to draw the eyeliner halfway up the local, liquid eyeliner because it is difficult to draw a perfect line formation. And then draw the eyes part of eyeliner, draw eyeliner to make more free and easy, can extend the eyeliner eye parts drawing about 3 mm. Be careful not too hard, gently drawing, eye makeup effect you want to achieve is when the eyes open, eye position width and center of the eye of the same width.

Draw a liquid eyeliner in step 4: painting over the corner. With his left hand gently lift eyelids, painted between my eyes and eyelashes lines parts of eyeliner. Be careful not to touch the eye horns line extensions. When using liquid eye liner eyeliner strokes, most secured area also needs the corners. If eye eyeliner suddenly cut off, will make people look very natural, you can with your fingertips gently knead a few times, eyeliner naturally rise.