Lip Liner Pencil

In addition to glamorous eye makeup, lips are also very attractive parts, sexy lips will add a lot to your overall image. The ideal lip shape is that the lower lip is thicker than the upper lip, but most people's lips are not as standard. Girls are often annoyed because their lips are too thick, too thin, too large, or with asymmetric lips.

First choose a concealing cream that is similar to the color around your lips. Take a little bit of the ring finger, dip it on the lip line, and gently open it to make it more natural with the surrounding skin. Then use your lip pencil to expand or shrink your lip line according to your face shape and shape.

It is generally believed that using a lip pencil to draw out outlines has two major uses. On the one hand, a more perfect lip shape is created, and on the other hand, lipsticks can be prevented from blooming. However, the makeup artist believes that the quality of lipsticks used by urban women is now overshadowed, and there is no need to worry about opening up. In addition, if outlined with a lip pencil, the outline of the lip will appear to stay

board. Recently, the trend of makeup in Europe and the United States is to eliminate the lip liner, and directly play the role of lip scan, this is not simply to save time and save trouble, but to create a natural and vivid lip.

Therefore, daily makeup can be done without using a lip pencil. The correct method is to use a foundation to cover up the lips to be improved. Then, use a lip broom to wipe the lipstick, and then press the lip line to draw the line on the left side of the upper lip from the middle of the upper lip. You can't take any pauses. You can't stop at the right side. Then the right side of the upper lip and the lower side of the mouth are taken from the corner of your mouth to your mouth.