Lip Liner Pencil Come In Handy

Lip Liner Pencil When your lips looks like it is finished, feeling is not perfect when the lip pen can come in handy. Many people still do not know lip liner can also be used to adjust the lip color, so lips more durable and as lipstick with the same use. Here you bring two kinds of lip liner how to use and improve the beauty of the lips of the painting techniques, from then no longer envy the lip color of others why so perfect.

Skill one: use lips pencil backing, so that lips lasting coloring.

STEP1: Use the foundation or concealer on the lip to increase the saturation of the lip liner.

Before the start, Lip Liner Pencil the choice of tools and grinding are essential steps. Good tools and good usage, will be able to make things successful half. Buying the right tool is the first step. Buy lip liner, you can choose the position in the back of the hands of the trial, Lip Liner Pencil one is to test the color, and second is to test the lip liner fluency.

Lip color choice, we must pay attention to the point is to choose their own lip color is very different from the color. Lip line is used to beautify the lip and is not used to make up for lipstick color. Lip Liner Pencil So do not choose those with lipstick color similar to the color, but as close as possible to their original lip color. The lipstick is used after the lip liner, and the color of the lipstick is more likely to fall off. If the lipstick color faded, the lip line and lips are very different color boundaries, Lip Liner Pencil will make people feel very abrupt.

The pencils on the market are generally divided into pencil type and waxy type, and different texture sketches are different. Select the color of the lip liner, according to the actual situation of skin to choose.

Generally believed that the use of lip liner to clear the outline of the two uses, on the one hand to create a more perfect lip, on the one hand to prevent lipstick halo open. Lip Liner Pencil But the makeup artist that the use of urban women now have the lipstick quality off, simply do not worry about easy to open halo In addition, if the outline with a lip pen, lip contours will appear more rigid. Recently, Lip Liner Pencil Europe and the United States popular trend is to save the lip liner, and directly play the role of lip sweep, this is not simply to save time, save trouble, but to create a natural vivid lip.

Therefore, the daily dress do not have to use lip liner, the correct way is to use the foundation to improve the lip cover, with lip sweep dipped in lipstick, Lip Liner Pencil and then press the lip line of the brush from the middle of the upper lip began to outline the upper lip , To a band, can not have any pause, then the upper lip on the right side of the lower lip from the mouth to the mouth with a pass.