Lip Liner Pencil Perfect Time

May 24, 2017

Lip Liner Pencil Your lip makeup looks like it's done, and it's not perfect enough to make your lip-line pen useful. Many people still do not know that lip-line pen can also be used to adjust lip color, make lip makeup more durable and as a lip balm. Here are two ways to use and enhance the aesthetic beauty of the lip gloss techniques, and never be envious of other people's lip color why so perfect.

Tip: Use a lip-line pen to make the lip permanent.

Use Foundation or concealer on the lip to increase the saturation of the lip line pen.

In addition to the charming eye makeup, Lip Liner Pencil lips are also very noticeable parts, sexy beautiful lips will add to your overall image. The ideal lip type is thicker than the upper lip, but most people's lips are less standard. Girls often fret that their lips are too thin, Lip Liner Pencil too small, or upper and lower lip asymmetry.

First choose a and their lips around the color similar to the cover cream, with the ring finger to take a little, stained on the lip line, gently dizzy open, so that it and the surrounding skin combined more natural. Then, depending on your face shape and what you want to change into, use the lip line pen to extend or shrink the lip line outward.

It is generally believed that using the lip line pen to tick out the outline has two major uses, on the one hand to create a more perfect lip shape, on the one hand can prevent the mouth flush. But the makeup artist thinks, now urban women choose the quality of the lipstick is off, Lip Liner Pencil there is no need to worry about easily dizzy. In addition, if you use the Lip line pen outline, the lip contour will also appear to be more stiff. Recently, Europe and the United States popular cosmetic trend is to eliminate the lip line pen, and directly play the role of lip sweeping, this is not simply to save time, easy, but to create a natural vivid lip shape.

Therefore, the daily dress up can not need to use the lip line pen, the correct way is to use the foundation will improve the lip cover, with lip gloss dipped in lipstick, then draw lip line strokes from the middle of the upper lip to start outlining the left line of the upper lip, Lip Liner Pencil to a stroke, can not have any pauses, followed by the right side of the upper lip, the lower lip from the mouth to the corners of the mouth with a pen.