Lip Liner Pencil The Effect

Lip Liner Pencil Now mm must be very few people with lip line pen bar! Because this is the 90 's trend makeup. But mm don't think lip line pen already out. In fact, you do not know the correct way to open the lip line pen. Quick and small weave together learn!

Lip-line pens are so outdated, why are we still using them?

Color-poor lip line pen outlines a circle of lips, filled with different color lipstick. In fact, lip line pen usage, is this.

If your lips are thin and rugged, a lip-line pen can fill your lips more than lipstick. Fill the entire lip with a lip-line pen, but also make the uneven place more evenly filled. Lip Liner Pencil This is the effect that lipstick can't achieve.

If you prefer to use moisturizing and shiny lipstick, then you know, moist lipstick is easier to fade than matte lipstick, if you want to keep the lip gloss longer, then in the lipstick, with a light-colored lip line pen to make the most lasting effect.

Let the lipstick keep the secret all night, we'll tell you now, why the brand will introduce the same color lip line pen and lipstick, is to make your lip color can be more durable, Lip Liner Pencil waxy lip line pen first on the lip of the bottom, then daub the same color lipstick, waxy texture combined with lipstick so that lip color lasting not fade.

The lip-line pen is completely replaceable to lipstick. If you need matte effect lip color, then with a brush on the lip line pen smear on the lips, you can get pure matte texture effect.

To prevent "paint" or to the end of the lips around the color, you can before the lipstick with lip strokes full of the whole mouth, it will be like tape sticky color, Lip Liner Pencil so that the effect of lipstick more lasting

The first statement of this trick is only applicable in the photo, the use of more than their own lip color deeper color-level lip pen slightly painted around the lips can be natural lip effect. You can use a bright white lip-line pen on the lip peak also have a lip effect.

Now there is the introduction of the evolution into a thicker and more moist texture, can also be said to be a pen-shaped lip Gloss, makeup makeup is convenient. With lip brush color painting on the lips, you can also have a natural ruddy effect! If you're like a regular lip pen, you can use it directly as a lipstick, Lip Liner Pencil which is the lipstick effect of the fog.

Moisturizing Lip balm is usually more likely to take off makeup than the product of the fog. To maintain color suggest using a natural rose-tone lip pen to depict your lips first, and stained with concealer to tap in the way of tapping the lips around, then use the honey powder pat, Lip Liner Pencil and finally lipstick, lip gloss will be more lasting.