Makeup: Eyebrow Pencil A Sum Much Coffee

1, the thrush: Brown eyebrow pencil drawing eyebrows natural harmony, also according to determine the shade of eyebrow makeup shades; but Brown eyebrow pencil eyebrow after the failure of the blue eyebrow eyebrow adjustment.

2, nose profile: after playing the background, draw two vertical lines around the nose and under the nose size determines the vertical size, then use the middle finger SUMI open, you can create natural nose profile and prominent nose high, nasal bones look straight.

3, eyes: the eyes are large and prominent people, black eyeliner eyes look very fierce, selected Brown to be better, but due to bad cause red eyes don't try to rest.

4, shadow: above the eye line and draw a thick eyeliner, light rub smudge with a cotton swab or your finger to form a natural dark brown eye shadow.

5, lip liner: Brown lip liner looks mature, while Brown lip liner is the most suitable adjustment of the upper and lower are not symmetric Lamiaceae.

6, lipstick: first Brown eyebrow pencil sketched out a heavy lip liner, then coated with a colorless lip balm and lips pursed, natural colour lipstick effect is reached.